Sandra Briney

This past spring, I managed the final sling shot of bad muscular behavior that I have indulged in for many years, and my sciatic nerve, which has given several warnings , but never set in cruelly, decided it had enough, and rendered me incapable of doing even the most basic of tasks, including climbing into my car!

I waited until I was in such agony that I could barely hobble, and couldn’t have anyone touch me to do massage treatments or other forms of hand’s on treatment. It hurt that much. I went to Siri Dya in desperation and despair.

SD was perfect: in attitude, thoughtfulness, professionalism, and ability to see what was going on. He has given me my life back. I am a weaver, bead artist, fabric artist, and, also do lots of volunteer hours for/with Veterans, and I was not able to do any of it. I could not drive, stand, sit, or walk for any time or distance.

Within a couple of weeks, or less, he had me driving my own vehicle again, and starting my volunteer work up. I firmly believe that the Egoscue Postural Therapy was/is THE way out of my terrible state. I did the exercises prescribed, every day, and still do, through several iterations and changes, as I have improved.

They have allowed me to get my own life back. I cannot express how grateful I am for that, and how indebted I am to the people who have done the work and research to create this Therapy. It is gentle, yet effective, and is done easily, no matter how bad things are. It is also a source of pride that I actually have done this work to make my body get better, myself, with the aid of Siri Dya and this Therapy. It is a great sense of empowerment.