To book an appointment, please call SD  for an Egoscue session, meal planning or personal training at 520 647 1383.
To book an appointment with Kathy for Life Coaching or a Reiki session please call her at 520 256 2770.

You can also email us at

Information about pricing for our services can be found here.

Our address is 64886 E. Via El Milagro. Tucson, Arizona.

From the corner of Saddlebrooke and Oracle, take Saddlebrooke towards the Saddlebrooke community.

Proceed 3 miles to Ridgeview and turn left.

Once you pass the lake on your left, count the streets. The 6th street on your left is Del Oro. Turn left (you can only turn left).

Go 100 feet, cross the cattle guard and make an immediate right.

This dirt road will change names a number of times, but it is one continuous road that eventually turns into E. Via El Milagro.

We are at 64886 E. Via El Milagro, which is the second to the last house on the right.

You will see a sign on the fence. Park there and walk down the patio to the office at the other end.